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Drop-in vs Spray-on bedliners

The spray-on bedliner industry would like you to believe that the number one advantage of purchasing a spray-on bedliner versus a drop-in bedliner is the permanent bond between the truck and the truck bed, eliminating rust and corrosion. This is actually just one of many myths perpetuated by the spray-on industry designed to confuse the consumer. In actuality, the drop-in liner business has taken a bad rap, even though there has been over 25 years of technological developments that have addressed even the most minor concern.

Myth 1)  Drop-in bedliners cause rust and corrosion to the truck bed. The truth is the patented high tensile strength rib design of the Duraliner® promotes ventilation between the bedliner and the bed of the truck preventing moisture accumulation. It features the highest ribbing of any drop-in liner in the industry to improve airflow. Spray-ons require the truck’s original finish and rust protection to be disturbed, usually by sanding or scuffing the surface in order for the spray to adhere to the sheet metal.

Myth 2)  Drop-in bedliners crack, split or warp. The truth is all Durakon drop-in bedliners are guaranteed not to crack, split or warp for as long as you own your truck, even at 60 degrees below zero.

Myth 3)  Drop-in bedliners lose their shiny color. The truth is that Durakon’s drop-in bedliners are more resistant to ultra-violet rays than spray-on liners. The primary feature of the Duraliner is its thermo bonded polyethylene top layer which provides a satin finish that retains a deep rich black color for the life of the liner.

Myth 4)  Drop-in bedliners are not as resistant to scratches, dents and abrasions as spray-ons. The truth is Duraliner offers a uniform thickness of high-density polyethylene that protects the truck bed from deep dents and gouges. It even features a reinforced front wall design for added bulkhead protection. Spray-ons are only as good as the person that applies the material. Most cannot match the thickness and tensile strength of a drop-in liner. Duraliner has literally twice the wear resistance as compared to the nearest premium bedliner competitor.

Myth 5)  Drop-in bedliners do not reduce load slippage. The truth is Duraliner has better skid resistance than the nearest premium drop-in bedliner competitor.

Myth 6)  Drop-in bedliners cause noise and road vibration. The truth is Durakon’s liners form a secure, tight fit to the truck bed. Durakon is an original equipment supplier to Ford and other automotive manufacturers. With proper installation, there is absolutely no noticeable noise that occurs from road vibration.

Independent testing has shown the Duraliner outperforms the competition in appearance, weatherability, skid resistance and wet grip. The deciding factor for most who are trying to choose becomes one of style and money.

Durakon Drop-In Bedliners vs. Spray-On Bedliners



PROTECTION: Composed of Thick, Tough High Density Polyethylene with Patented High Tensile Strength Rib Design Damaged Bed because of Pre-Application Sanding, Thin Layer of Polyethylene
DURABILITY: Shock Absorbing Ribs, Separate Structure from Truck's Sheet Metal Board Holders Increase Capacity and Help Secure Cargo Little/No Cushion
Doesn't Protect from Heavy Cargo
SKID RESISTANCE: Offers Superior Skid Resistance Temporary on Most
APPEARANCE: UV Resistant Tendency to Fade
COST: Less Expensive, Best Value for the Money Higher Average Cost
INSTALLATION/REMOVAL: Easy to Install or Remove Pre-Application Sanding to Install which Damages the Bed, Difficult to Remove
QUALITY: Consistent Quality Inconsistent Quality because it Depends on the Skill Level of the Applicator




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